I received an adorable baby bundle for my shower gift! It was so precious, it was hard for me to want to unwrap the unique gift! But when I did, I was pleasantly surprised of all the useful items I received wrapped in this creative assortment. This is a gift that everyone will "ohhh" and "awww" about it. Highly recommend this for a unique and thoughtful baby gift.

~Kristina R.

I just love the baby bundles and cupcakes! They are so creative and clever but are also so practical. You can literally use every bit of them. They are so cute that when I have received them as gifts I have displayed them in the nursery before the baby was born for decoration, then took them apart after the baby came. It was like two gifts in one!

~Brandi W.

The baby bundle I received from my friend was just beautiful! I did not want to take it apart! The best part was when I finally did, every piece of the doll was useful for our new baby. This was a very special gift to receive!

~Kathy F.