In 2001, Claudia Mullins, owner of Footprints by God, started selling her baby shower products to the public. She first began assembling these baby shower gifts over 8 years ago for friends and family out of a desire to create a unique “gift basket” filled with a variety of items.

“I bought a baby outfit for my sister, and rather than just put it in a gift bag or wrap it in a box, I began stuffing it will baby products and slowly realized…this looks like a doll!!”

Not long after that, she kept receiving requests from individuals who had seen the gift at a shower, or had received one for a gift and was continually asked if she “did this for a business.” With a passion to artistically create a unique gift for each baby, she started creating a variety of bundles.

“Just like every child is unique and different, every bundle is different and unique. I believe that ‘every good and perfect gift is from above.” Claudia believes that her Bundles of Joy don’t just make up a company, but creating each one is a calling. She personally oversees the development and production of each bundle, insuring the level of quality she originally implemented and personally prays over each product sold, hoping it will only be the start of many blessings for both mother and child as they begin their life together.

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